who Is Vasco Monteiro?

Hola amigo, I’m the founder of Konec – a place where I help entrepreneurs and agencies dominate Google. Before that, I was a student with a Master’s in Engineering.

Here’s me and my girlfriend with matching hats looking sexy :

I started this site because I wanted to share my tips and tactics on how to get a site on the first position of Google.

I was starting my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management when I discovered SEO.

I had about €1,500 to my name that I had made by selling e-cigarettes to friends and online when I was in high school, as well as other ventures I had when I was a kid (more on that below).

I had a good looking future ahead of me, I was going to be an engineer like most of my family members, which was great.

But something was missing…I always wanted more than that, I wanted to have my own business!

Back when I was in high school, other than selling e-cigarettes to friends, and friends of friends, I started a dropshipping business for Gopro mouth mounts (you’d be able to have a POV vision of what you were doing – sky, surf, skate etc…). That website is actually still live! (in Portuguese though)

Needless to say, it wasn’t a huge success.

I even did some voice acting dressed as a clown on Fiverr for a couple months (true story). Here’s the mask I used lol:

That’s me, and that’s the camera I used to record these videos on!

So, I was selling products “door-to-door”, I was dropshipping, I was even dressing up as a clown and talking to a camera. 

I was doing everything I could to make some money online, because I knew there was more to life than just pursuing an engineering degree.

With the money I had made on Fiverr, selling e-cigs and GoPro mounts (~€1,500), I was able to buy my first motorcycle, which was the one I used to go to university to get my Bachelor’s Degree, here’s a picture of it:

It’s a SYM Wolf, it costed me exactly €950 used + the helmet!

I treated this motorcycle like my baby, after all, I had invested almost all of my money in it so I could easily go to university.

It was only a year into university that I found out what SEO was, from a guy called Alex Becker. (Current CEO of Hyros)

I took his SEO course called Source University, I watched hundreds of hours of his content, I spent hours on Black Hat World (SEO forum) learning and studying how to rank sites in Google.

I was determined to rank my first site.

I failed, a lot.

But, through countless hours working on my craft, hundreds of euros wasted in buying crappy links, miracle plugins, fake promises from internet gurus, I found an SEO formula that worked.

I ranked my first site.

 A couple weeks later I had found a small electrician company in Lisbon, which agreed in paying me to redirect the phone on my site to theirs (I was selling leads).

He was paying me about €200/month, it was great! I was a university student making 200€ a month, I was rich (so I though)!

And now I could fill up my gas tank!

Few years passed and I improved my SEO skills, I got new and much bigger clients (USA, Canada, Portugal and Australia), I was staring to grow my portfolio at an extremely fast pace.

I had done it, I figured out how to print money!


3 Years Later…


As you could probably tell, I like motorcycles…so, in 2019 I spoiled myself from all my hard work and used some of the money I had done with my SEO clients to make a little upgrade…

That’s a €7,000+ brand new 2019 Honda CB500X, and this is NOT me bragging, it’s just me being upfront with you and telling you that it is possible, and You Can Do It.

 And now I’m teaching YOU how to do it.

If you want to learn how, then you should sign up bellow (it’s free!) and let me guide you every step of the way.


Thank you for reading through,


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